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Data is everywhere, and you need answers fast, either for that quick win, or to work towards your data flow strategy for creating a consolidated repository ‘single view’ of the organization.  Take the correct steps in democratizing your data by using 

Use the other features of to manage your cloud data warehouse.  And, collaborate with our simple data catalog, and other helpful features that save you and your team precious time and money.

No Bad Data.

We don’t believe there’s such a thing as bad data. Get your team in sync and build your DataLakeHouse. The platform works with any kind of data your organization has. Integrate third-party data, use our pre-built insights and predictions, or bring your own.

Never struggle with data quality to get information to your business fast!

Automate on your schedule – Answers await!

Collaborate on the meaning of your data in real time

Get started for free.

No setup and no code

With just a few clicks, load data from any source into Snowflake and watch your data flow. Schedule your data sync once a day or more frequently. Then, take the next steps and start transforming your raw data into information. Better yet, use our pre-built transformation pipelines and go directly to the data validation and analytics we have for dozens of industry use cases; find out more by talking to our data and industry analytics experts.

How the Platform Works is a data democratization analytics platform that offers an all-in-one, no-code data management solution. With Data Synchronization (ELT), industry-specific pre-built Models, and Analytics combined with Machine Learning, the platform offers actionable insights and predictions for extremely effective business decision-making. It’s four pillar approach takes your organization from zero to analytics, saving you 40% faster development and deployment time to deliver answers to your business stakeholders in real-time.


Bring your data from dozens of data sources on-premise or in the cloud.


Use our data synchronization tool to automate your data load into Snowflake from any of your sources.


Use our industry-specific conformed data models that answer common questions for your business – fast!


Self-service access to charts, pivot tables, and more. No data scientist? Start with our algorithms.

Integration with data sources

Dozens of data sources.

Our process. Your pipelines.

FAST data to insight for you!

Extract and replicate your data on your schedule. Frequency matters and so does the consistency and quality of your data. We track all key points around synching your data to the cloud and provide your team with so much more to manage the last mile of turning your data into information for your users.

Our Platform: No-Code + Pre-Built Analytics & Machine Learning

Giving DataLakeHouse for Snowflake a try will change how you look at data management tools. We’ve created an end-to-end data pipeline business analytics platform that consolidates the four pillars of data allocation, data syncing, data modeling, and data discovery/analytics with machine learning. With DataLakeHouse you gain productivity and insights – from day one.

Data Synchronization

Synchronize your data from dozens of popular sources. Schedule at frequencies that align to when your business needs to see refreshed data.

Single Source of Truth

Deploy pre-built single source of truth data models that give you instant analytics on your synchronized data in Snowflake, expediting answers to your business questions.

Insights & Predictions

Use industry expert developed reports, visualizations, and data science machine learning algorithms to forecast, predict, and provide data-driven recommendations.

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