Orchestrates Data Value

Driven by hundreds of conversations and requirements from Data Engineers, Business Analysts, and Department Leaders, our fully managed data pipelines, pre-built analytics, and marketing and sales automations deliver data value in the cloud for our customers.  Our customers’ success is our success and we value the opportunity to be the go-to data orchestration platform for your data strategy journey.

About (aka provides sales and marketing teams with data orchestration tools to move data out of operational systems, and into your cloud data platforms, while providing analytics and other automations to enable your customers, sales, and marketing workloads.

In essence we are the data conduit that enables a no-coding experience for your data team to quickly incorporate ETL (ELT) processing including CDC without the hassle of having to build pipelines yourself and maintaining them. This way your team can focus on other high-value target efforts.  

Our marketing, sales, and operations analytics and workflows use our core data pipeline engine to bring you continual information about your customer journey, marketing basket analysis, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) providing you with insights to better enable your business.

Our Getting Going Story

After implementing dozens of high-profile analytics and cloud data warehousing projects we discocvered that the “holy grail” of analytics for managing all types of data workloads that would provide to value at all levels of any organization was the combination of object storage (aka data lake storage), a battle testing Data Warehouse or Data Vault, and versitile data analytics.  This resulting in us coining the phrase “Data LakeHouse” which now hundreds of organizations and software development teams around the world use in varying degrees of accuracy.   As thought-leaders our vision has always been bigger than the parts of this reference architecture and more on the outcome of correctly configuring the parts in any organization so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As the natural progression to enable this new found concept was born. 

At the center of every data strategy one of the first components is just getting data in a single location or repository so it can be centralized so all data is accessible. This used to be a time consuming process before and it is where we started.  Then we took to validating data from common source systems to eliminate another area of frustration that we heard from our customers. And lastly, workloads and process automation for key operations were developed and still stand to deliver value on a daily basis to all of our customers such as Avallano, RBC, Stripe, Aquicore, Bradford, etc.

Your Data Orchestration Should Live on

Join our mission to democratize Data Analytics

We enable companies to make better & faster business decisions with their data!

At DataLakeHouse (that’s right a real DataLakeHouse is one word!), our ultimate purpose is to change the way companies across the world make business decisions with their data. Your goals should be to spend your time on the high-value target deeds of information-based decision making not loading data or building architecture. You just need answers!

Customers just like you are building amazing data-driven solutions on our platform, reducing their IT costs, and creating market advantages. 

You can too!

We help change the way companies make business decisions with their data


No Bad Data. Make the Best Decisions.

We envision a world where data is at the center of every important decision. A place where getting data into a system to amalgamate with other viable data is quick and painless. We plan to be there with you whether you’ve just found out you’re going to the cloud, or that you need a little help getting there. This world where “Can we with our data?” is always answered with a “Yes,” and we have the tools and support to deliver, when it comes to getting your data goals and dreams to become reality.

We know what data-to-information and big data problems enterprises face on a day-to-day basis. We’ve built tools to help solve them. And if there’s a challenge, we’ll work with your team and extend our tools to meet your challenge head on.

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Helping the world 'do right' with data

Our mission is to empower data teams to build a strategic data-to-analytics pipeline (aka DataLakeHouse) that delivers high-quality, complete, and relevant data, across the business. That means ensuring data is accessible to those who need it, and secure from those who don’t need all or any of it, for all the right reasons, and in the right form. With proper data access controls, collaboration, and integration in one suite of tools, organizations can truly maximize the utility of their data to make a difference.

Better insights mean better outcomes

From near real-time (NRT) data analysis, reporting and insights required to make and implement better business decisions, to standard perspectives required by management to simply run the business, DataLakeHouse aims to be your end-to-end solution platform.

With our focused expertise in Cloud Data-to-Analytics Integration and enabling Snowflake “Data Cloud” customers to have the best possible tools for their data cloud journey, our tools and telemetry aim to deliver the “last mile in the Data Cloud” for organizations worldwide.

Better insights mean better outcomes


Our Core Team

With decades of deep expertise across data management, data integration, data lake concepts, data lake storage, Data Vault 2.0, data warehousing analytics, and machine learning, our team is leading the charge to deliver the last mile in the data cloud.

Christian Screen

CEO & Co-Founder

Heather Pierson

Marketing Manager

Supradeep Apassani

Data Engineer

Mike Jelen

CSO & Co-Founder

Anubhav Pareek

Data Analytics Engineer

Nisarg Raval

Full Stack Developer

Drew Paszek

Data Analytics Engineer


Doing data the human way

Your success is our main priority. That’s why we empower you to build a data asset that delivers rich,high-quality data to power your data use cases today and in the future.

Push Data

We are driven by a deep desire to make a meaningful difference both in and out of the office. We have the intention, will, and skills to make big dreams real for each other and our customers.

Scheduled Back-ups

We relish new ideas and new challenges every day. We look for ways to shake up the status quo, and cherish every opportunity to adapt, grow, and become even more efficient and create more impact

Security & Governance
Team spirit

We are people-people, who understand that together we can accomplish the remarkable. We embrace our differences and unique perspectives, ensuring everyone does the best work of their career.

Data Provence

We build our work on trust and data. We thrive on an open and transparent communication with our customers, each other, and the broader community, and are not afraid to admit when we are wrong.

Static & Reports

We celebrate the undefinable something that makes us special and our approach distinct. Data Lakehouse office is a place where we can all show up as our authentic selves and lorem ipsum dolor amet sit.


We are people-people, who understand that together we can accomplish the remarkable. We embrace our differences and unique perspectives, ensuring everyone does the best work of their career.

Quality assurance focus

Quality assurance focus

We’ve built data quality observability and validation into our solution. Why? If it’s not obvious, bad data is a thorn in every department’s quest for timely and accurate data. Most data issues relate to quality of the expected data process and inadequate information being turned-in as “gold.” Reducing and preventing these types of traditional headaches and pain points has been one of our key goals with DataLakeHouse since the very beginning. Quality is always a key concern and data is recognized as a first-class citizen, with a continually expanding set of product features to aid you on your data journey.

Total control

Use our self-service portal and features, or get our white-glove service. We partner with you to ensure that you maintain total ownership over your data infrastructure in your cloud. Built on top of an open standard, DataLakeHouse is your co-pilot. As our trusted partner and customer, you always own 100% of your data. You’re in complete control, but if you need assistance, help is never far away.

full Flexibility

Full flexibility

Our analytical data management platform is uniquely designed to adapt to your specific business needs and to make it easy for you to change, as your needs evolve. This flexibility is reflected in our diverse customer base of businesses across a broad range of sectors, geographies, and use cases.


Don't take our word for it

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We believe we're better together

The culture of our organization flows from our people, so we seek out teammates who share our values and drive, not people who are exactly like us. We’ve built a company that allows everyone to take risks and thrive professionally – without ever hiding their authentic selves.

Culture is built every minute of every day. It’s part of every communication, interaction, and meeting. It guides what we do or not do, and the way we work together. It influences how we know what we know and how we do what we do. At the core of an enduring culture is a set of values that we all believe in and engrain into everything we do.


“What I love about Data Lakehouse is that you can be yourself, you can be in a comfortable space, and that really allows youto do your best. So it’s really important for me to have people and culture that feeds me and helps me grow together.”

“What I love about Data Lakehouse is that you can be yourself, you can be in a comfortable space, and that really allows youto do your best. So it’s really important for me to have people and culture that feeds me and helps me grow together.”

“What I love about Data Lakehouse is that you can be yourself, you can be in a comfortable space, and that really allows youto do your best. So it’s really important for me to have people and culture that feeds me and helps me grow together.”

Amy Peterson
Sr. Product Manager
Brandon Chen
Product Marketing Manager
Gauri Vishwanathan
Regional Manager - Growth


We believe in

We’re here to enable business users to ask any question and get results, instantly. We offer business users extreme speed at any scale, enabling them to ask many more questions. And then some more. Until they discover something truly amazing.

We believe in

The human aspect

As much as we love great engineering, at the end of the day, it’s all about the people. We are first and foremost customer driven (even before being data driven) and are obsessed with providing the best overall experience for our customers.

Our customers, partners and of course our team serve as our compass on the path to data glory.

We are building the future of data operations – it’s an exciting time in an exciting field. And, great work starts with a great team. Check out our current open positions and join our growing team of data experts.

Glorious Purpose in the Data Cloud

We’re based in the USA, but we operate as a truly global company. Our remote culture encourages our team to work from anywhere in the world – an ethos that is embraced by many of our customers.


Our solution is built for glorious purpose; be part of our quest.

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