The Benefits of Having a Single Source of Truth

If you’re struggling with data silos,  you need to read this 👇

When it comes to data, most organizations are practically swimming in it. Okay, maybe more like drowning in it! The amount of information collected by a business can truly be overwhelming 😵 (especially when you’re trying to make sense of it all). 

You might be using a combination of 50+ different platforms across departments, some of which collect information that might be valuable to more than one department, and maybe even some that have information that’s useful to everyone. You might even be using software that keeps track of things you need to share with external users. So, if not everyone has access to each and every source they need access to, you can see how this could be a pretty big problem. 

And what about if you want to look into third-party data and compare it with some of your own? Maybe you want to see if the weather affected your sales, or if a certain area is suitable for a new brick and mortar location, in terms of adequately reaching your target market (I know, I’m mostly making marketing points here, but I can’t help it 🤭). 

All of this data floating around all over the place can be a real pain in the 🍑

What Now? 🤷‍♀️

This is why you need to bring it all together into a single source of truth for the entire organization (we recommend a magical place called Snowflake ❄). In Snowflake, both internal and external users can be given a specified level of access that enables them to use exactly what they need to and keeps them out of information they don’t need to see. The platform’s Data Marketplace is like an entire galaxy filled with insightful third-party data, right at your organization’s fingertips. 

Okay, so you might be wondering why we’re telling you all of this….

And the answer is because we can help you! Navigating through the sea of data you’re probably dealing with and figuring out how to get it all into one place (and where that place should be) isn’t exactly easy. Never fear, we’re here to help you solve your data dilemma, once and for all  🦸‍♀️


DataLakeHouse’s self-service ELT tool enables you to easily synchronize your own data into Snowflake, where it can be accessed by whomever you see fit. That’s right, you, yourself can bring all of that delicious data, from all the places you’ve got it, right on over into Snowflake. 

But wait…. There’s more! 

DataLakeHouse has pre-built industry-specific models and advanced machine learning capability that you can use to derive predictions and actionable insights from your data. Our platform also offers an array of awesome features like customizable reporting-calendars for accurate financial reporting and analysis, data validation checking, a single customer data view, a data catalog (aka data dictionary) that stores logic to keep all users on the same page, and secure data sharing all within the magical world of Snowflake. And, what’s more…. We’ll be continuously adding new features and adapting the platform as it grows to meet your organization’s needs. 

So go ahead and get it together with DataLakeHouse (your data that is) 🤣

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