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Ternio Solutions added $500k to their Staffing & Recruiting pipeline using analytics automation

Systems of Record: Bullhorn, Verizon Business

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  • 33% Improvement

    Multithreading score across in-flight opportunities

  • 325% Increase

    Relevant leads correctly identified and added (QoQ), which were missing in CRM

  • 208 Hours per Month Saved

    Manually updating and distributing Excel workbooks

The Challenge

Ternio Solutions was growing fast and managing agent productivity took significant time in order to manually download raw data for half a day each week from multiple applications. Once downloaded, the data had to be filtered, scrubbed and manipulated in order to create reports in Excel. Only one person knew how to do this process and spending half a day a week only to have the data be outdated the next day was very frustrating. They wanted to be a data-driven organization on a daily basis.

The Solution & Outcome

By partnering with, Ternio Solutions Group was able to clean up 2,500 contacts and show each sales reps daily productivity across calls, texts, LinkedIn messages and Bullhorn CRM. In addition, they gained visibility into those agents who were following the sales process vs. those that were not.

Using these data insights, from a number of core operational systems, was able to uncover fresh leads (additional revenue opportunities), surface execution gaps and risks across in-flight opportunities, and establish leading indicator benchmarks (Multithreading score, hustle score) based on top performer analysis.

“Agents engage with a lot of clients and contacts, but sometimes they end up adding just one contact to an opportunity or a lead. They do not have the time or bandwidth to add every contact they’re speaking to. These were key contacts and activities we were missing out on and helped us to monitor this data capture, which enabled us to target our prospects with campaigns and tailored messaging.”

Anthony LaScola
Client Partner, Ternio Solutions Group

Hypergrowth and Siloed Data Challenge

As the company was scaling very fast, measuring, tracking and improving sales performance was important to drive agent productivity and accelerate sales. Their approach relied heavily on correlating data from spreadsheets, Bullhorn (which was incomplete), and agents’ verbal reports.

Before switching to, Ternio Solutions Group used an Excel-based solution that missed capturing ~25% of their data into Bullhorn making it difficult for the team to actually see on which opportunities agents are spending their time, if they are single-threaded, and what is quality and frequency of their interactions.

Ternio Solutions Group partnered with to solve three immediate priorities: adding missing contacts & candidates in Bullhorn, identifying execution gaps, and generating a deeper understanding of leading indicators of success.

Data Insight to Accelerate Sales

Automated data capture laid the foundation for tracking pipelines and identifying execution gaps.

“There’s a lot of opportunities, but we only have a certain amount of time in the day… helped in breaking it down to 2 or 3 areas we can coach an agent on, and which deals matter… flags for me what I should spend my time on.”

Alix LaScola, Client Partner, Ternio Solutions Group

Rather than more spreadsheets, Ternio Solutions Group used data and insights to get a comprehensive view of Candidate and Company-level engagement, including where agents were spending their time, the people involved, and the why behind agent productivity.

Sales Performance Leading Indicators

Tracking agent activities using, Managers were able to focus more on where agents need coaching vs. taking verbal updates on deal status and still have no data to count on.

“The best part of dashboards is that it gives quantitative data on how the agents are pushing across deals, what’s their follow-up cadence, and sales process adherence.”

Valentino LaScola, COO, Ternio Solutions Group

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