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White Oak Hospitality lifts operations by 300x with infrastructure and reporting solutions.

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  • 1.3% Increase in Operating Margin

    Increase in visibility across acquisition data

  • $3,000 Freed Up

    repurposed on higher value activities

  • 60 Hours per Month Saved

    Hours of manually processing saved each month

Systems of Record: Toast POS, Restaurant365, MarketMan, SQL Server
Targets/Destinations: Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server

The Challenge

In the competitive world of hospitality, delivering exceptional food and experiences is just one part of the equation. Behind the scenes, a multitude of tasks and processes must seamlessly come together to make each dining experience memorable. One critical but often overlooked aspect of restaurant operations is data management and reporting, which can be a cumbersome and time-consuming endeavor. White Oak Hospitality, a niche restaurant group known for its iconic brands, recently made a groundbreaking change in this regard by implementing, a data automation solution, as part of their modern data stack.

The Solution & Outcome

Before came into the picture, White Oak Hospitality faced the same challenges as many other businesses in the industry.

With, White Oak Hospitality was able to streamline its data management processes, from inventory tracking to financial reporting. Tedious manual tasks that once consumed countless hours of valuable time were now automated, allowing the team to focus on more strategic and high-impact activities.

Transforming Hours into Value

The impact of was not just felt in terms of efficiency; it also had a surprising financial benefit.

“One of the most astonishing outcomes was the cost savings. By eliminating the need for extensive manual data handling, we were able to redirect more than $3,000 a month towards activities that directly contribute to our operational success.”

Luc Emond,
Data Analyst, White Oak Hospitality

This substantial cost reduction allowed White Oak Hospitality to invest in staff training, menu enhancements, and marketing efforts, resulting in an overall improvement in the guest experience.

Empowering Data Analysts

The positive changes extended to the data analysis team as well. revolutionized our data analysis capabilities. It not only accelerated the process but also allowed us to delve deeper into the data, providing valuable insights that were previously inaccessible due to time constraints.

Luc Emond,
Data Analyst, White Oak Hospitality

The ability to analyze data more effectively empowered the team to make data-driven decisions that optimized inventory levels, reduced waste, and enhanced profitability.


White Oak Hospitality’s journey with serves as a compelling case study of how automation can revolutionize even the most established industries. The elimination of several tedious manual processes and the redirection of monies a month towards higher-value endeavors have not only improved efficiency but also elevated the overall guest experience. has transformed the way we operate. It’s a reminder that innovation can happen in even the most traditional sectors of business.

Dom Yacovell,
COO, White Oak Hospitality

The success story of White Oak Hospitality and serves as an inspiration for businesses in the hospitality sector and beyond, demonstrating the immense potential of embracing technology to drive growth and excellence.

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