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Reliable data replication and synchronization from DBT Cloud Log Stream to one of our DLH.io supported target destinations.

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DBT Cloud Log Stream

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dbt Cloud is the enterprise platform extension of the open source project dbt (data build tool) which emerged as a very popular data devOps tool amongst data engineers and analytics engineers for building data models and working with data in a more convenient manner over historical development methods.

Stream the dbt Cloud Log data into the Target Connection of your choice in order to centralize your log data across the application enterprise. Combine this data with Snowflake Usage Analytics to get an even better line of visibility in performance metrics.

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With an ever-growing collection of Source Connectors, we aim to offer our customers the ability to access all the data they need for a truly holistic view of the business.

We're always adding new Source Connectors to our Connections Library. If you have a Source that we're not currently offering, please submit a request.

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