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Solution Areas
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Available Features
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( MySQL is a database offered by Aiven, where it is completely managed. Connect your MySQL database with to complete your data integration pipelines with no code and all the value.
Aiven makes setting up cloud databases so simple anyone can do it. One of its managed database offerings is for the world renown database PostgreSQL. Use to sync your application data sources with your cloud
Aloha POS (NCR) is one of the original point-of-sale systems used in restaurant, hospitality, and retail operations. provides the means to integrate Aloha POS for data warehousing and other Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements.
Amazon S3 on AWS is the original object storage system that has powered most data lake concepts. allows synchronization of files, and backing up of your data to Apache Iceberg and other formats from your
The App Store is a digital distribution platform for mobile apps for Apple Inc.'s iOS and iPadOS operating systems. Users can browse and download approved apps created using Apple's iOS SDK from the store.
Asana is a customizable workplace content management system (CMS). provides the means to integrate Asana for data warehousing and other Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements.
Auth0 is an adaptable authentication and authorization platform that's easy to implement. Users can rapidly integrate authentication and authorization for web, mobile, and legacy applications so they can focus on their core business.
AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Users can run code for virtually any application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers.
Azure Blob Storage is Microsoft's object storage solution for the cloud. Users can create data lakes with Azure Blob Storage to support their analytics needs, and it also offers storage so you can design robust mobile and
The Azure SQL family of databases includes SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. Move your SQL Server workloads to the cloud to benefit from Azure's flexibility and hybrid connectivity as well as the performance and security
BambooHR is a comprehensive HR management system for small and medium-sized enterprises and the employees who work there. Users can handle benefits enrollment, track hours worked, and process payroll all from a single platform.
Baremetrics subscription analytics software powers hundreds of business to get the insights on their sales performance from their SaaS platforms and more. provides the means to integrate Baremetrics for data warehousing and other Key Performance
Beans Route is one of the first delivery management systems to feature timesheets and scheduling. The platform increases driver's stops per hour with routing, optimization, and precise apartment directions, and enables users to manage any size
BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides SaaS services to retailers and is trusted by tens of thousands of merchants in over 150 countries.
BigQuery is a database offered by Google Cloud, where it is completely managed. Use to sync popular application data directly to your BigQuery database with to automate your data integration pipelines.
Bill (formerly is a leading accounts payables and receivables platform serving companies across industry. Synchronizing data from Bill to your destination system such as your cloud data warehouse is simple with to save time
Bloom Growth™ is an ecosystem for growth that will ensure wellness and health throughout your organization and get every person functioning like a leader. Using to connect and synchronize your data as part of your
Boulevard is a Client Experience Platform for appointment-based self-care businesses.
Bullhorn is a leader in the Staffing & Recruiting industry, all over the world, and now synchronize that data using to complete your data integration pipelines and save time getting to value from your data.
Calendly is a business communication platform used for teams to schedule, prepare, and follow up on external meetings. The platform integrates with users' calendars to ensure they are never double booked.
CardPointe is a comprehensive and secure cloud-based platform that makes accepting and managing payments simple. Users can easily integrate, accept and manage payments in a simple, secure platform.
Ceridian Dayforce is a complete HRIS solution that helps organizations transform every core area of HCM including Continuous payroll, workforce management, benefits, talent management, and more. provides the easiest way to synchronize to your cloud
ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform that brings teams, tasks, and tools together in one place. The platform helps individuals, small teams and companies plan projects, allocate and track tasks. is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world. Use to automate this data into your data integration pipelines.
Cloudflare entered the object storage scene in 2022, and with its history in supporting thousands of enterprise system on the internet its R2 storage offering is compatible with synchronization of files, and backing up of
Clover is a Point of Sale (POS) system that caters to small businesses. It was designed to provide merchants with reliable and secure transactions.
ConnectWise is a leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers, including ITSP and software for MSP's.. provides the easiest way to synchronize critical operations and support data to your cloud data
Copper is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform focused on automation and simplicity. The platform was specifically built for businesses that use Google Workspace.
Databricks is a unified data platform with Spark (Scala) at its core and a number of other features that provides streaming, storage, and analytics capability for modern analytical workloads.
The cloud version of the most popular transformation tool since the concept of the modern data stack provides a tool belt of capability for transforming, testing, and delivering data models that enable insights and analytics for
dbt Cloud is the enterprise platform extension of the open source project dbt (data build tool) which emerged as a very popular data devOps tool amongst data engineers and analytics engineers for building data models and
Drip offers a customer-centric, e-commerce marketing automation platform that helps brands understand their customers and drive revenue through various marketing techniques.
Dropbox allows users to back up their files in the cloud, share them, and access them at any time and from any location. The platform offers secure cloud storage and automatic backups for peace of mind.
Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL cloud database service that provides reliable performance at any scale. Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on DynamoDB for its fundamental properties including consistent performance, availability, durability, and a fully managed
Elavon is an innovative, secure, global partner for payment processing. The payment solution provider serves over two million small-to-enterprise-sized retail and e-commerce organizations.
Facebook (Meta) advertising campaigns reach millions of people on a daily basis. The Facebook Ads data for the spend and metadata about the views, potential customers, conversions, etc. is available to you to bring into your
Flat files such as txt, csv, and standard Excel (xls, xlsx) formats are not going to disappear. We still love them and so do you. On the occasion use to upload and synchronization
DoorDash® or GrubHub® both offer a corporate or business-to-business platform where employers can incentivize employees with a budget or line of credit from which to purchase meals. taps into this trend and synchronizes data to
FranConnect offers a cloud-based franchise management software designed to help increase unit growth, reduce opening time, track and improve unit performance, automate financial reporting, and more. The platform facilitates a secure connection for multiple locations across
Google Ads enables marketers to find the right audience for their advertisements through ads across Google. Ads are shown where targeted customers are browsing and watching for highly effective marketing.
Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites. provides synchronization of the Google Analytics data to help better market, sell, and understand customer journeys.
GCP's object storage, Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is a core part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and enables a great deal of data exchange capability. allows synchronization of files, and backing up of
A well-known file sync and replication system, Google Drive, enables 1,000's of customers to store and share their productivity files and data. allows synchronization of your Google Drive files to your cloud data warehouse destination
Google Play, also known as the Google Play Store and formerly Android Market, is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google. The platform offers consumers millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies,
A powerful spreadsheet technology that has earned its place in mainstream productivity in thousands of organization, combined with, your pipelines can be created in a matter of minutes to synchronization Google Sheets files to your
Thousands of companies rely on Harvest timekeeping and forecasting to track utilization of resources and manage invoicing and expenses in order to run their businesses, combined with, your pipelines can be created in a matter
HubSpot is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform powering thousands of business of all sizes. provides the means to integrate HubSpot for data warehousing and other Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements.
IBM AS/400 legacy systems incorporate a trusted combination of interactive databases, security, networking, web services, and storage management abilities. They also offer a thorough and extremely reliable middleware and database basis.
With decades of experience, IBM Db2 is a cloud-native database that brings continuous availability, low-latency transactions, and data governance to your mission-critical apps and operations. It gives DBAs, corporate architects, and developers a centralized location to manage
For 30 years, the top firms in America have benefited from the expertise of Insperity, which specializes in offering business and human resource (HR) solutions. The platform offers strong HR outsourcing solutions designed for midsize businesses.
Intercom enables users to easily scale their business support and increase customer satisfaction. The platform facilitates better customer experiences and faster support with amazing customer service.
Jira Software is part of a family of products designed to help teams of all types manage work. provides the easiest way to synchronize project management and support ticket data to your cloud data warehouse of
LaunchDarkly is a DevOps tool that lets developers confidently move faster, by separating deployment from release to control rollouts, recover from errors instantly, and scale modern practices across an organization.
MailChimp is an email and marketing automation platform for growing businesses. Its data and metadata about the views, potential customers, conversions, etc. is available to you to bring into your data pipeline with for your
McLeod Software is a transportation ERP system that enables truckload carriers, private fleets, logistics, brokerage, 3PL, and LT Carrier business units. LoadMaster LTL is a complete business solution for operations and accounting.
Microsoft Teams is a messaging app for your organizations, providing a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing. provides the easiest way to synchronize these details into your cloud data warehouse
MongoDB is a super popular no-SQL database. Use to sync or target your Mongo database with fully managed automated data integration pipelines.
MySQL is a well-known database used in a myriad of operations. Connect your MySQL database with to complete your data integration pipelines with no code.
NetSuite is the first online financials and ERP platform with tens of thousands of customers that enables an efficient and robust feature-set to run the core of the business.
The NetSuite SuiteAnalytics connector differs from our other NetSuite (Oracle NetSuite) connector in that the NetSuite (Oracle NetSuite) connector uses the NetSuite REST API based web services and requires you to deploy an integration application in
Optimum HRIS (now part of Kronos, aka UKG) enables organizations to empower their HR and workforce management. Its powerful global HCM, global workforce management, and seamless HR tools enable impactful HR service delivery.
Oracle is one of the original enterprise databases used all over the world. Connect your Oracle database with to complete your data integration pipelines with no code.
PostgreSQL is a well-known database used in a myriad of operations. Connect your PostgreSQL database with to complete your data integration pipelines with no code.
QuickBooks Online is a cloud solution for accounting developed and marketed by Intuit. DataLakeHouse supports only QuickBooks Online, it does not support the desktop version of QuickBooks.
Redshift is the AWS flagship cloud data warehouse solution that provides a clear path to providing analytics capability for customers large and small. Synchronize data to, or backup data from, AWS Redshift using for your is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams collaborate on customer success.
Salesloft is the only AI-powered revenue workflow platform that brings certainty to every revenue action and customer interaction. SalesLoft is a uniquely positioned platform that accelerates sales engagement and reduces time to close deals and collaborate
Shift4 is continually changing the way the world experiences commerce. By innovating and specializing in solutions addressing transactions in hotels, restaurants, and e-Commerce. is uniquely positioned to take Shift4 customers to the next level with
Shopify is an online store platform that enables anyone to setup an online store and sell their products. The Shopify POS also allows shopkeepers to sell through the Shopify platform in a physical location.
Snowflake is one of the first purpose built cloud data warehouses helping to enable single source of truth strategy and more. Synchronize data to, or backup data from, Snowflake using for your data integration needs.
Microsoft SQL Server powers so many applications, all over the world, and now synchronize that data using to complete your data integration pipelines and save time getting to value from your data. is a payment platform that gives every business an easier way to accept credit cards. It is a larger payment that includes customer loyalty software, inventory management, and credit card processing.
Our Square Marketplace connector is the #1 data warehouse and analytics connector for Square merchants to get quick access to their data for fast insights and data integration they never thought was possible.
Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows merchants of all types to accept credit cards and integrate almost any type of payment processing into a third-party application using its robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
Teradata is one of the original enterprise database technologies that exist both on-premise and in the cloud. Teradata's robust platform is a best-in-class enterprise data platform, and its database technology is capable of handling massive
Teradata Vantage Cloud is the extensible Cloud Native solution for Cloud Data Warehousing with a focus on data, machine learning, and analytics capabilities for the modern era of data enablement. Vantage Cloud supports many cloud native
Toast and Toast Point-of-Sale (POS) empowers thousands of restaurants handling billions of transactions. provides the means to integrate Toast for data warehousing and other Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements.
TriNet offers firms comprehensive HR solutions in one location, including payroll, benefits, risk management, and compliance.
Wasabi is game changing, leading-edge cloud technology that allows users to affordably store a nearly infinite amount of data. allows synchronization of files, and backing up of your data to Apache Iceberg and other
Workday HCM is built from the ground up and delivered in the cloud. It is the only global enterprise application that unifies human resources, benefits, talent management, payroll, time and attendance as well as recruitment.
Xero is a finance application that globally empowers over 20,000 customers accounting workloads.
Zoom is a collaboration meeting application used by thousands of customers around the world.

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