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City Detect Logo
Gavin at City Detect

The platform and assistance from the DLH.io team has enabled us to  reach our data pipeline goals faster than we could have by building something internally. It enabled us to focus on other strategic goals and revenue generation instead of coding and building basic reports.

Gavin B.

CEO, City Detect

City Detect invests in continous data integration for their groundbreaking IoT

City Detect is a technology company servicing municipalities by generating geographic mapping  of blight that causes issues and raises costs for tax payers.  In so doing, terabytes of data are generated on a daily basis and each municipality customer requires analytical summarized reporting that is coordinated through data workflows, ML work flows, and other custom processing logic.  Instead of building pipeline orchestration they turned to DLH.io to accelerate their infrastructure and data movement.

Barrett Distribution Logo
Jordan at Barrett Distribution

We looked at building a solution to synchronize data from Ceridian Dayforce ourselves and then found DLH.io had one that was already built and working with a connector to the Snowflake Data Cloud.  DLH.io enabled us to complete our project on time and on budget.

Jordan J.

Finance, Analytics, and Operations Leader, Barrett Distribution Centers

Barrett Distribution Empowers Manufacturing Labor Reporting from Ceridian Dayforce in Manufacturing with DLH.io

With millions of labor punch transactions, and a thirsty demand for analytical reporting, Barrett Distribution needed a powerful system that would allow them to capture and store historical and near real-time data points for aggregate reporting across locations to support HRIS reporting requirements for backdating, employee work hour verification, incorrect entries, current employee status, current manager status, and so much more. The combination of DLH.io within their modern data stack including technical solutions such as DBT, Tableau, and Snowflake,  allowed months of development effort to be reduced to only a few weeks of deployment and testing.

Ascend Logo
Rich H Headshot

Being a data-driven organization is very important to Ascend.  By using a team of experts to get us started with the tools we need to gain visibility into our operations we can accelerate the value that we bring to our customers and create advantages over other organizations providing similar services.

Rich H.

CFO, Ascend Transportation

Ascend Transportation powers revenue operations, driver retention, and data warehousing with DLH.io

Ascend Transportation is a  growing dry van, full truckload carrier providing high-performance service and reliability at fair prices to the evolving middle-mile market. With one data scientist hire who needed to delivery results quickly, they turned to DLH.io for enabling and supporting their modern data stack infrastructure instead of building pipeline integrations and revenue metrics.
Ternio Solutions Logo
Anthony Headshot

DLH.io has fundamentally changed how our team views operational reporting for our staffing and recruiting team. We use DLH.io data synchronization and their Staffing & Reporting Analytics solution on daily basis.

Anthony L.


Ternio Solutions sees total company team visibility into Staffing & Recruiting goals and activity with DLH.io

Ternio Solutions is a purpose-driven specialty staffing firm built on three core principles: People, Process, and Product. Started with the intent on setting a new standard in enterprise technology recruiting Ternio Solutions had been wrangling with call data, sales engagement data, and spreadsheets for a long time and new there was a better way. They chose DLH.io to manage the consolidation and analytics using a modern data stack infrastructure and since have increased engagement productivity by 3x.
White Oak Hospitality Logo
Luc Headshot

We had a business process with our Toast POS system that was very manual and took more than 8 hours every week to produce reporting.  Using DLH.io the team helped us connect our data to a cloud data warehouse. We could then share our data quickly and produce the same reporting faster.

Luc E.

Data Analyst, WOH

Hours of manual processes removed from wrangling data at White Oak Hospitality

White Oak Hospitality is a niche restaurant group providing amazing food and experiences with its iconic brands. The back office work that gets done to run any great restaurant operation is often over looked and rife with processes created to satisfy a need but often continued as a way of life. This included some of the data wrangling to create operational reports management used for years. After implementing DLH.io the team automated more than 60 hours of manual tasks, and redirected more than $3,000 a month to higher-value operational efforts.

Avallano Logo

Even as a non-technical user, I can easily set up connections from various source systems to bring all of the data I need into Snowflake on a daily basis. This prevents us from having to hire additional employees with the skills required to build and maintain data pipelines. The dashboards offer visualizations that make the data understandable and, more importantly, actionable.

Dean R.

Co-Founder - COO, Avallano

Avallano selects DLH.io to enable data movement to support ClinTech Analytics

Avallano, a ClinTech innovator, faced the challenge of integrating data from various sources, including third-party datasets, into a cloud-first platform without incurring high costs and technical debt. They needed a daily dashboard solution to serve both internal and external customers, crucial for adding value to their services. Avallano’s solution was to select DataLakeHouse.io as the core of their data integration strategy, enabling seamless data integration into Snowflake’s Data Cloud in just one day. This streamlined approach saved over 1,000 hours of development time and costs.

Elite Logistics Logo
Monica Elite Logistics Headshot

Automating data collection has been paramount for our small multiple carrier business. We've not only eliminated the risk of human error but also accelerated our ability to collect and process data. This has directly contributed to a substantial increase in our revenue.

Monica V.


Days of Manual Data Gymnastics in Excel Removed at Elite Logistics

Elite Logistics Group is a private, regional, multiple carrier (MC) specializing in the delivery of parcels for various carriers. This blog post explores how the automation of data collection and visualization has transformed their business, allowing them to reallocate time to delivering more packages and less on reconciliation reports.

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Bring your data together and use our centralized metrics catalog and pre-built metrics to accelerate actionable insights in your organization.

Bring your data together and use our centralized metrics catalog and pre-built metrics to accelerate actionable insights in your organization.

Bring your data together and use our centralized metrics catalog and pre-built metrics to accelerate actionable insights in your organization.

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