#1 Fivetran Alterative is DataLakeHouse.io (DLH.io)

Fivetran vs. DLH.io

Looking to replace or migrate all or part of your workloads from Fivetran to an alternative? You can choose DLH.io with confidence for ETL/ELT over Fivetran. We’ll even help you migrate. 

Your data is stored in a myriad of on-premise and cloud systems, databases, SaaS applications, etc. and the size of your data plane will only increase.  DLH.io was built to support data lake analytics and data-driven companies. Priced competitively, DLH.io saves you dollars and resource time, and provides better ROI with with lower Total Cost of Ownership.

DLH.io Target Connections Success

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Side-by-Side Comparision

  • Fivetran
  • DLH.io
Comparision Area of Focus
Basis of how or on what features the two platforms are compared
ELT/ETL, Data IngestionELT/ETL, Data Ingestion
Database ReplicationFull table, No Primary Keys. Incremental only if change tracking or CDC turned on at databaseFull table, No Primary Keys. Incremental only if change tracking or CDC turned on at database
CDC / Change TrackingOnly with Primary Keys on Tables.Yes. SaaS Applications and Databases.
SaaS SourcesAlmost 90100+
Customers Can Request/Add New Data SourcesYesYes
Connects to Data Warehouses and/or Data Lake StorageYes and YesYes. And, Yes.
Transparent PricingNo. Confusing algorithm.Yes, straightforward and scalable. See DLH.io Pricing.
Customer SatisfactionGoodGreat!
Support SLAsAvailableAvailable
Purchase ProcessRequires Conversation with SalesSelf-Service and White Glove Onboarding.
Compliance , Governance, and Security CertificationsHIPPA, GDPR, SOC 2HIPPA, GDPR, SOC 2
Data SharingNoneYes, Through our Managed Cloud Data Warehousing Option.
Vendor Lock-InPay as You Go. Annual Contracts.Transformations options based in SQL, DBT, and DataForm. You can Choose Pay as You Go, Month to Month or Annual Contracts with Discounts.
Developer ToolsREST API for Enterprise AccountsREST API. SQL Playground. Panel Data Visualizations.
Data VisualizationsNoDLH.io PanelDash
Cloud Data Warehouse ManagementNoYes
Data CatalogNoYes
Documents AI ChatNoYes
Data Sync



Fivetran is a simple ELT product. It connects to a  destination like a cloud data warehouse and allows a source applications database to send information to the destination.  It has only basic transformation capability. 

DataLakeHouse.io (DLH.io)

DLH.io is an ELT Data Orchestration and Managed Modern Data Stack platform. ELT data pipelines and workflows are the basis for the platform’s core functionality to access data where it lives and to synchronize or replicate the data to where it needs to be for reporting and other downstream integrations or workloads. DLH.io has transformations for Pre-Load, Post-Load, and DBT Cloud operations. By connecting source systems such as SaaS applications and databases using proprietary technology for synchronization, data is typically loaded into a cloud data warehouse or integrated with other targets such as SFTP/FTP, Slack, or EDI that are supported. Sign up now for a free trial of DLH.io.

Connectors : Data Sources and Targets

Both tools in this comparison provide a substantial number of data sources and target destinations.


Fivetran has connectors for more than 100 data sources. It only supports data warehouse destinations and no data lake storage.

DataLakeHouse.io (DLH.io)

DLH.io is a full data orchestration platform that supports more than 100 database and Saas integration as data sources, and a healthy number of data warehouse and data lake storage destinations. Customers can request DLH.io to build new connectors to support their unique requirements or fill the gap for any ‘missing’ connectors. Sign up now for a free trial of DLH.io.

Support, Documentation, and Training

Providing self-service support and service level agreements are important to customer success as well as proper documentation and training.  Both systems provide good documentation and support options.


Fivetran provides support through an in-app form. Documentation is clearly made for very technical resources. They do not provide training services.

DataLakeHouse.io (DLH.io)

DLH.io provides in-app support to all of its customers and phone support is available for Enterprise and Business Critical plan customers. Several support SLA options are available to meet customer demands. Documentation is comprehensive and often accompanied by video tutorials or explanations. Anyone can contribute to DLH.io documentation to improve it. Training is offered not only for use of the platform but several courses provide rudimentary to advanced data engineering and analytics engineering education for any data worker or data team to expand their knowledge about new concepts and opportunities with data, analytics, data warehousing, and best practices. Sign up now for a free trial of DLH.io.


All great software has a cost associated with it and these platforms are no exception.


Fivetran provides a 14-day free trial but does not disclose pricing. They base pricing on a logarithmic processing of rows of data which has been described as confusing and overly complicated.

DataLakeHouse.io (DLH.io)

DLH.io has pricing that fits any data-driven team’s budget and can scale to fit a wide variety of scenarios and budgets at companies of all sizes. DLH.io offers both a capacity-based pricing model and a monthly fixed consumption model pricing which aligns with any industry standard pricing our customers see in other SaaS/PaaS products and more recently with Cloud Data Warehouses. This is available so that customers looking at data synchronization or ELT efforts can relate to familiar use-to-pay concepts they are already familiar with or how they spend in their enterprise currently. DLH.io offers a 14-day trial on source to target destination synchronizations. Standard plans range from $149 to $1,000 per month depending on scale. Additional features are available for data management which the vendor in this comparison does not or cannot offer. Sign up now for a free trial of DLH.io.

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Every organization has to decide for itself based on scenarios and challenges that create your unique requirements. But we can help you get started so that you can get some of your time back from having your resources write scripts and attempt to build an ELT point solution, and instead focus on higher value target development that moves the needle and brings you business value. Don’t build or maintain custom scripts at your operation. Get started with DLH.io today! Sign up now for a free trial of DLH.io.

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