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Benefit from ingesting your key HRIS data from any number of systems, as well as recruiting, retention planning, etc. for a holistic view of your workforce beyond the basics.

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Pain Points of Manual Onboarding

The obvious delays and costs of manual input of onboarding a new employee can be frustrating and time consuming:

  • Manual, time-consuming processes required for new hire documentation slows down productivity
  • Disconnected systems waste time and money getting people ready for their actual work
  • Inaccessible data and information creates poor new hire experiences
  • Removing of existing employees from systems manually adds risks to the overall HR program


Continuous Onboarding Data Integration

Automate most of the getting started and reporting across multiple systems in one single dashboard solution:

  • Remove wasted time from operations by connecting recruiting and onboarding systems
  • Eliminate necessary friction for recruiting, new hires, and provide all data points they need 
  • Update all systems when employees leave the company
  • Produce an end-to-end complete data at your fingertips solution with a single pane of glass for all HRIS systems that manage your employees and other resources


What do you go through to find the right talent?

Searching, hunting, and general recruitment for resource talent sometime is just not enough. Keeping them once you’ve found them and hired/placed them is another challenge:

  • Handling duplicate entries of prospect, candidates, and the like should not be a manual process.
  • Complex interview to offer processes
  • How can employees effectively refer candidates


Streamline your talent pipeline

Connect all of your relevant systems t ensure skilled people are always on your radar and operational challenges like de-duplicating records are automated:

  • Automate as much of the process as possible using data from all operational systems.
  • Build a repository or single source of truth for talent pipeline analysis from multiple recruiting sources
  • Synchronize data across internal systems so everyone is always looking at the same up-to-date profiles 


Negative experience with HR/Recruiting

Organizations that operate with disconnected systems and lagging or unclean information make employee’s jobs more of a challenge::

  • Lack of access to systems and data, especially information about the employee/recruit themselves.
  • Manual tasks where obvious automation could be in place, especially those that are difficult to validate, lead to workplace dissatisfaction
  • Issues with effective employee/recruit communication


Make your employees happy

Remove obstacles and common frustrations from the work:

  • Automate and modernize all applications employees interface with to do their jobs.
  • Provide simplified access to systems information and automate mundane tasks
  • Connect multiple communication applications so everyone is in the know. 

Use Metrics that Provide Real Insight

Understand why people are staying or leaving
Organizational Willingness To Change/Improve
Provide Secure Insights To Necessary Users
Enable Data Access to Make Informed Decisions Analytics

Visualize HR Data Insights in Real-Time pre-built analytics to actively surface visualizations, scorecards, and reports about your employee and operations data to tell you how you are progressing towards departmental goals, and provide better insight into performance. Analytics

Highlight the key Understandings provides the components to predict based on past behavior to show the correlation to why something is happening in your organization. This could be a lift in employee sentiment or a trend towards attrition that needs action to intervene. Analytics

Drive Real Change in your Organization

Executive sponsorship and gaining support for a budget to make change happen increases by 45% when it is supported by real data. provides the means to articulate trends, and data-driven insights based on your HRIS and associated applications that run your HR department.

Customer Stories

Hear from our customers how has solved problems that nagged at them for months or years before provided them with relief in only a short time once they became customers. Often times, solved problems they didn’t realize they even had, which is just another way the platform’s AI assists in bringing added value to your domain expertise.

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