Integrate anything, anywhere, anytime

Simple ways to gather data. Easily connect and backup data from certain applications in a
scheduled manner. These applications can be SaaS applications, databases (SQL/NoSQL),
cloud storage and more.

Make your data relevant, not just accessible

It can be challenging to collect the right data from diverse sources, and an even bigger challenge to do so at the speed your business demands. Data Lakehouse provides a unified approach that combines rapid data integration, transformation, and mapping with automated quality checks to ensure trustworthy data every step of the way.

A unified approach to data integration

Data integration is at the heart of our platform. Convenient self-service tools make it easy to ingest data from almost any source, and integrated preparation functionality ensures that your data is usable from day one. From the rapid ingestion of data to a cloud data warehouse to the most complex multi-cloud projects, our platform does it all.


Connections Library is not focused on having hundreds of connectors. We are focused on the right connectors that bring the most business value to our customers. Start bringing your data over to your data warehouse today! If you don’t see a connector that you need.

Get instant access to sync your databases
and operational applications for warehousing:

Get instant access to sync your databases
and operational applications for warehousing:

Single source of data truth

Maintain a centralized view of all your enterprise data in one place – so you can perform analysis and visualizations and know that you’re using data you trust.

Key Feautures
Migrate data in near real-time

Synchronize your data with your own cloud
data warehouse to ensure your data is
continually and automatically kept up to date globally in real-time.

Key Features
Reduce costs

Load millions of rows of data into your
chosen cloud data warehouse for free.
Integrate with many data sources at no cost
to support your data migration efforts.


Take the pain out of data integration

Our data integration tools take advantage of the speed, performance, and economics of the cloud and accelerates the data migration and integration process while offering greater
affordability. With DataLakeHouse, you eliminate the need to manage and maintain on-premise infrastructure with a cloud-based migration solution and remove the error-prone approach of manual coding.

Easily integrate data from many sources

A SaaS-based data integration solution also saves significant time throughout the data migration process. With native connections to many popular data sources and support for modern cloud data warehouses, data pipelines can be created in just a few clicks. You also save valuable developer resources by reducing the need for manual hand-coding and SQL scripting efforts.

Easily integrate data from many sources


Eliminate data silos with seamless enterprise data integration

With numerous data sources across your organization, integrating data from disparate sources into a central repository can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. And, without a single source of truth for your data, it’s hard to decipher its collective value. A modern, cloud-native ETL solution makes the enterprise data integration process simple, scalable, and speedy.

With support popular data sources, and major cloud data warehouse providers like Snowflake, we provide the last mile in the Data Cloud.


Explore your data in your favorite intelligence tools

DataLakeHouse is compatible with any business intelligence tool and analytics provider who integrates with Snowflake. Here are some of our customers’ favorite tools

Data Tool
Technology Partner

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