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Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce is a complete HRIS solution that helps organizations transform every core area of HCM including Continuous payroll, workforce management, benefits, talent management, and more.

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DataLakeHouse.io self-service ELT Connectors make Data Integration easy for technical and non-technical users alike.

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BigQuery is a completely serverless and cost-effective enterprise data warehouse that works across clouds and scales with your data, with BI, machine learning and AI built in.

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Want to learn more about how DataLakeHouse.io can help you do more with your Ceridian Dayforce Data?

With an ever-growing collection of Source Connectors, we aim to offer our customers the ability to bring all the Data they need into The Data Cloud, for a truly holistic view of the business.

We're always working on adding new Source Connectors to our Connections Library. If you've got a Source we're not currently offering that you need to bring Data from into BigQuery, please submit a request.

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We make Data Integration into BigQuery simple. Check out our documentation to see just how easily you can bring your data into “The Data Cloud” using DataLakeHouse.io

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As “The Last Mile in The Data Cloud,” we cover all things Data & Analytics related on our blog. Our amazing team is always adding fresh content that ranges from basic information to technical expertise.

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