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Thinking About Data?

$0 Implementation Fee

1M Monthly Events

50MB Data Storage

The best way to get started on consolidating and replicating your data from many source systems so you don’t have to code and maintain API and database extract logic.

Swim Standard


Entry Level Data Teams

$0 Implementation Fee

5M Monthly Events

500MB Data Storage

Provides a best-in-class modern data platform infrastructure that is reliable, scalable, and plugs into any existing solutions you may already have in place.

Most Selected Plan

Rezin Enterprise


Operations Readiness

$1k Implementation Fee

50M Monthly Events

1TB Data Storage

Everything from Standard plan with additional access to our Data Mechanics and Infrastructure Architects to scale to your required or desired data integration solution.

Business Critical


Data-Driven Savior

$2k Implementation Fee

100M+ Monthly Events

1TB+ Data Storage

Everything from Enterprise plan, with increased SLA’s, scalable storage,  and compute options. Options for customized solutions exists in this plan for guaranteed outcomes in your data integration initiatives.

Analytics Packages

These pre-built dashboards and reports are available for certain marketing, sales, human resources, and other industry focuses where has expertise to bring best-in-class metrics and accelerate your KPI realization.

Users can be read-only or power users and have the ability to invite other users in your organization.


Minimum of 10 users. Billed annually

Licensed Data Models

Data models are built to support the pre-built analytics packages and are based in DBT and/or Google DataForm to handle the intelligent transformation and process of aggregated metrics and enrichment of data. These can be licensed for you to deploy in your own environment as-is or to be customized as an acceleration to your customized development for your unique data needs.

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$1.00 /credit

Because you:

  • need to orchestrate your data (a to b)
  • are smart not to build your own data pipelines that you must be maintain yourself


$1.33 /credit

Because you get:

  • everything in the starter plan
  • more projects and DevOps ability
  • dependable SLAs

Business Critical


Because you get:
  • everything in the Enterprise plan
  • SSO capability and mission critical support
  • Starter
  • Popular
  • Business Critical
Business Critical
General Users w/ AccessUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Customer SupportStandardStandardTop Tier and Mission Critical support options
Service Level Agreement (SLA)24-72 Business HoursIncluded w/ Annual ContractIncluded w/ Annual Contract
SQL Playground
User Access Management
Control user access levels, for example: Account Owner, Administrator, Developer, Read-Only
Data Synchronization
CDC (Change Data Capture) Replication
Sync Bridge (i.e. Jobs) Scheduling
Transformation Pipelines
DBT Cloud Pipeline Integration
Developer User Seats2Starts with 10 seatsStarts with 10 seats
Pre-Built Connectors (Basic)
Ex: Hubspot, Intercom, JIRA, and more
Pre-Built Connectors (Advanced)
Ex: Databases, etc.
Custom Connectors
Logs & Monitoring
User Audit Logging
Data Catalog & Metadata Dictionary
Access to Cloud Data Warehouse Management
Access to Pre-Built Analytics
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Additional Data Mechanic Time

We have all the skills you need. That’s why we built in the first place. Stop the intellectual vanity and confidently work on the platform to meet your data-driven goals.

Here are the basics of extending any of the above plans for enterprise or business critical support.

Data Sync Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an all-in-one data orchestration and metrics platform for modern data and leadership teams. Executives and Department leaders can have immediate access to metrics that provide operational key performance indicators (KPIs) out-of-the-box across industries. And, data scientists and data engineers can build custom pipelines or extend existing ones to facilitate standardized workflows to common endpoints and Cloud Data Warehouses. Other features such as data security scanning, simplified metadata catalogs, and DBT Cloud integration make a must have for all organizations needing a modern data stack.

What is Made For?

Data Workers! This include financial analyst, business analyst, operation managers, data scientist and data/analytics engineers. Often the need is to generate reports or downstream data pipelines such as those to a cloud data warehouse or a third party system that needs some of your company data. Often those who use SQL are typically the users building workflows and pipelines. Department Leads are usually have the initiative that sparks the search for building a data lakehouse and using as they are the ones with the data-driven requirements.

What is a Developer User?

Standard or General users are those that have access to the system and can be any of the read-only, observer, roles.

Developer users manage and build sources, targets, sync bridge pipelines, etc. in order to build and orchestrate the workflows.

Is My Data Secure?

Yes. is SOC Compliant. acts as a proxy and conduit and all data is encrypted in transit.

And, if deployed into your VPC or as an on-premise agent your data never leaves your network at all to meet more compliance requirements. Read our Security documentation here.

How Long Does it Take to Learn

After following our 5-minute Quickstart Guide to learn key concepts regarding, one can typically takes roughly an 1 hour to get comfortable with the platform.

Can I Deploy On-Premise?

Yes. can be deployed On-Premise using the Agent that processes data inside of your network with light 'phone home' traffic to the cloud where no data or credentials are transmitted outside of your network/VPC.

Why was the platform built?

We built as a convenience platform for Data Workers. The proliferation of data use cases was to great for our leadership to stand by and do nothing. Our experienced team having worked in the data and analytics space for more than two decades knew they could solve data related problems and provide an amazing platform for data better than anyone else. We wanted to have a easily deployable solution for data, analytics, and ML/AI across industries, and to help provide answers to common questions and solutions to known data problems.

While we believe data teams are more efficient with across industries, our strengths focus on operations, revenue, and sales/marketing solutions.

Snowflake Usage Analytics Pricing

Awesome details about your Cloud Data Warehouse environment. Our perspective is why build the monitoring solution yourself when you can access everything in one platform. Use your head, use and improve monitoring Snowflake with our feedback loop of development.

Standard Edition

For smaller teams and accounts that need to quickly gain control and get insight about their Snowflake operation and avoid wasting time building something internally they’ll need to maintain, taking focus off of more value add work.


Minimum of 10 users. Billed annually

Enterprise Edition

Organization level and account level features for data teams and Snowflake administrators that need additional analytics time series perspectives on their Snowflake account(s). Loved by data teams that avoid wasting time building something internally.

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