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Restaurant operators need to be more nimble, course correct mid-shift, and have item level efficiency. helps bring all of your restaurant data together from where it exists to where you need it. It is the input and output of this data from the finance, front and back of house systems that drives demand for information but also must be reported on rigorously in order to predict, plan, and prosper. 

Let Solve Part of Your Restaurant Operations Pain Points. Ask us how!


Out of the box helps restaurant operations efficiency by identifying transactions, expositing customer attributions, analyze inventory, and other provide other centralize operational detail from all of your from data systems for a single source reporting across all units. 

Get Restaurant Unit Operations Efficiency

Understand Top Vendors and Customers
Create a Data-Driven Organization
Provide Secure Insights To Necessary Users
Enable Data Access to Make Informed Decisions

Access All Your Data pre-built analytics to actively surface visualizations, scorecards, and reports about your  data to tell you how you are progressing towards departmental goals, and provide better insight into performance, planning, vendors, customers, etc.

Curb Manual Spreadsheet Reporting

Stop spending too many hours manually downloading files and performing data gymnastics in Excel. Why not have an automated daily process that pulls this data and displays on an interactive dashboard.

Drive Real Change in your Organization

Leveraging data to track revenue generating activities against results allows for open communication to increase productivity levels to ensure the outcomes necessary to meet business goals. 

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